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About Us

Control Your Destiny is a personal empowerment strategy dedicated to teaching graduating high school students and college student athletes how to realize their dreams and maximize future earnings potential by preparing and executing a long term goal plan.

Our Objective:

We offer keynote presentations, seminars and audio books which emphasize proven, practical life skills strategies - the BASICS.

B egin with the End in Mind

  • How to set personal stretch goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and to be achieved within a specified time frame

A ssess Your Goals on a Regular Basis

  • Stresses the importance of monitoring the progress towards your goals to ensure that you stay on track

S eek Mentors

  • Ask for advice and feedback from someone already in the position you are striving to be

I mage is Everything

  • Tips and techniques to help improve your image and build your brand

C ommunication Skills are Critical

  • Look for every opportunity to enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills

S hare Your Goals with Family and Friends

  • Why sharing your goal plan will help make you more accountable